Rileys Ribz

Caryn & Antonio Riley

Creators of the sauces & rubs


We are Antonio & Caryn Riley, the creators of the sauces & rubs that make your food say some'm, known as Riley’s Ribz. Living in Chicago, a great food town, we have always been fans of great tasting BBQ and food overall. Caryn is from Cincinnati Ohio and her family has a long tradition of having an annual BBQ rib cook off aka the “Rib Off”.  In 2009 we entered the competition for the 1st time. Our 1st go round was not a victory, but we did learn from it.

We learned that we wanted to have our own signature flavor from the seasoning of the meat to the sauce that accompanies it. We went back to Chicago and got to work in the “lab” aka our kitchen to create a winning sauce and rub. A “rub” is a blend of herbs and spices that serves to boost the flavor. We then took our recipe back to Cincinnati and won the Rib Off 2 years in a row! From there we started getting request from family and friends for bottles of sauce and rub and that's where the brand Riley's Ribz was officially born!


Our products are made from quality ingredients. They are all "gluten free" and lower in sodium compared to similar products. We currently have two BBQ sauces and two rubs:

*Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce - its sweetness is from tomatoes, citrus and brown sugar with a hint of smoke flavor.

*Sweet Heat - has the same sweetness but with kick of heat. A little tingle on the tongue.

*Hot & Spicy – The name speaks for itself. This Rub packs a punch of flavor and heat to any meat, veggie or dish you wish to spice up.

*Smokin Sweet Rub - a traditional BBQ rub but has so many flavors it can be used in everyday cooking.

*All Purpose Rub - This is exactly that. It can be used on all meats and veggies. It's truly a flavor enhancer on any food.

We have a huge following on all social media and currently sell and ship our products all over the US and to a few military installations overseas.

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